You chose: democratic party

  • The debate
    The tallies are in for the Democratic Party primary race for New York State Governor, and unfortunately for most of us self-identified libidinous “Progressives” the answer is “NO.” Although allegedly “left-leaning” candidates, especially those of the female-kind, knocked off some “right-leaning” lower level, nominally Democratic Party incumbents, Governor Andrew Cuomo was the last man standing at the top.
  • Mario Cuomo's 1984 Convention Speech
    "He was, surely, an inclusive liberal, believing in the freedom of the individual as well as the government’s guarantees of individual rights and liberties: a form of government, namely, that was free of prejudice and bigotry, and that allowed freedom of action with specific regard to issues of personal expression and beliefs."
  • On November 25th, the primaries of the Democratic Party (PD) will take place and they have never been more important. All the electors can choose between Pierluigi Bersani, Nichi Vendola, Matteo Renzi, Bruno Tabacci and Laura Puppato: here is how you can vote from New York.
  •   Elena Luongo
    “The Democratic Party must become the party of the people, of a united people, of common people who embrace modern ideas and progress. You Italians living abroad are among our greatest assets and we are willing to support your requests” The leader of the Democratic Party, Pierluigi Bersani, meets the Italian community in New York at the San Cono club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn