You chose: adventures in italian opera

  • Plotkin and Rustioni at Casa Italiana, Photograph by Molly Engelman
    Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò (NYU) airs the fifth episode of "Adventures in Italian Opera" with Fred Plotkin. This episode features Daniele Rustioni, a 34 year old Italian conductor who recently completed his debut at the Metropolitan Opera, among many other impressive milestones.
  • Fred Plotkin is a world-renowned speaker and writer, much admired for his passion and thorough knowledge of the topics he loves. Looking forward to the upcoming evening with guest Francesco Ernani, i-Italy discusses his memorable conversations held at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò.
  • 'I want this to become a home for all of those who love Italy in New York". Interview with Professor Stefano Albertini, Director of the Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo', on the eve of the institution's 20th Anniversary. The Casa will close this successful year with two exceptional events and is getting ready to celebrate its important milestone with an exciting, interesting and varied range of initiatives. Read more about it in the article and get ready to live a new intense cultural year in the Italian workshop of NYU!
  • "Opera continues to be the great live performing art form and we continue to have great performers. I think that the quality and education of singers is better than ever, while what may be missing today is the personal culture of each singer. I think we can improve opera by restoring that sense of culture to audiences, singers and especially stage directors." Mr. Plotkin is the host of the series "Adventures in Italian Opera", held at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at NYU.