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  • Valeria Bottazzi come il narratore, Giacomo Rocchini come Pinocchio, e Lorenzo de Moor come Mangiafuoco
    L’associazione Teatro delle Due, nata dalla collaborazione di Valeria Bottazzi e Olivia Rasini, ha portato in scena la prima produzione statunitense iriadattata dal celebre testo di Carlo Collodi, "Pinocchio".
  • The fourth edition of In Scena! Festival di Teatro Italiano has started with a bang with a special opening night dedicated to Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello. This year's edition of In Scena! is bringing to New York 5 different shows, all in Italian with English supertitles, presented by companies coming from different regions, from north to south, to provide several examples of the creativity that distinguishes the whole territory.
  • Following the success of the pilot edition in 2013, Queens‐based performance company Mare Nostrum Elements, founded by Italian performer Nicola Iervasi and American actor/director Kevin Albert, and LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (LPAC) partnered once again to present ECS#3, the Emerging Choreographer Series 2016. The ECS is a free a professional showcase in the Little Theater @ La Guardia Performing Arts Center in Long Island City, designed to address the challenges of bringing self‐made art to the stage.
  • The show WEBulli, was just presented in New York during the theater festival In Scena! It investigates the current phenomena of cyberbullying and sexting, in other words, acts of bullying and harassment and the exchange of explicit content of a sexual nature made through the new digital media.
  • Isabella Carloni is the writer, director and interpreter of Viola di Mare a one of a kind play that opened the third edition of In Scena! The Italian theater festival in New York at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo'. Viola di Mare is based on the novel Minchia di re by Giacomo Pilati and it tells the story of a forbidden love. A woman who is in love with a woman, must become a man in order to be free to do so.
  • "Being Leonardo da Vinci," written by and starring Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, depicts the Renaissance Man in all his glory as he is interviewed by a modern day journalist. The format is rather unique: old Leonardo sits across a reporter who asks him about anything, partly in English, partly in Renaissance Italian and partly in dance.
  • Written by Italian news personality Claudio Angelini, “My wife in a Chador” is a seriocomedy that raises a lot of questions. In the play “My wife in a Chador,” a Pulitzer Price nominated author resembling Norman Mailer is recruited to run for Mayor of New York. Coincidentally the author's wife, who is half Arabic, is mugged on the city's mean streets and is so traumatized by the crime that she decides to return to her Islamic roots and adopt the chador (head covering). The question then becomes: can a man campaigning with an Islamic wife win the mayoralty of our city?
  • June is the month for Italian theater. Kairos Italy Theater, led by Laura Caparrotti, launches the first edition of In Scena! the one and only Italian theater festival.