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  • Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that New York City's Central Park monument to Christopher Columbus has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 76-foot rostral column was erected in 1892 in Central Park by New York's growing Italian-Americancommunity, which embraced Columbus as a unifying figure to help Italians overcome discrimination and gain inclusion in mainstream society.
  • Largo Argentina, Rome, Dec.14, 12:45 pm - Via del Corso was entirely sealed off by police vans, and so a sea of demonstrators took a right angle to surge toward this square, whose heart is a series of ancient temples from Republican Rome. They were trying to breach the police blockade of Parliament, where the once and future premier Silvio Berlusconi was facing his vote of confidence. He had already won in the Senate and would squeak through the Chamber of Deputies with just three votes, but the demonstrators did not yet know this