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    Letizia Airos Soria(October 10, 2018)
    THE REGION ACCORDING TO ONE OF ITS MAJOR ENTREPRENEURS: Enrico Colavita. A life devoted to entrepreneur-ship and internationalization. His is an exemplary story. From a family business in a small village in Molise he embarked on a great adventure that would bring olive oil to the world, the United States in particular. Today, Colavita is not only in the olive oil business; it has put its international practice to the service of both region and country.
  • The Italian Trade Commission of New York and UNAPROL, a consortium of olive growers established in 1966, have enlisted the American public to Find the Fake. Four olive oils were presented to the guests’ discerning noses and palates. One of them was a NOT 100% Italian, and their task was to identify it.