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  • Interview with Renato Miracco, art critic, Museum Curator and Cultural Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. talks about Joseph Stella before his presentation titled “Stella and the Futurists: Italian Itineraries in the American Museums," as part of the panel discussion titled " Joseph Stella's Futurism between Italy and the U.S." sponsored and organized by the Inserra Chair.
  • Self Portrait.
    A panel discussion titled Joseph Stella’s Futurism between Italy and the U.S. was held at the Billy Johnson Auditorium of the Newark Museum to shed light on the personality and life work of Joseph Stella, Italian born, American Futurist painter (1877-1946).
  • Joseph Stella (1877-1946) and his Futurist polyptych “Voice of the City of New York Interpreted” (on display at the Newark Museum) illustrates the hybrid trajectory of this transatlantic avant-garde artist whose paintings are considered iconic images of New York City’s urban architecture.