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  • Jill and Joe Biden at Hiatt Middle School.
    The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) , the largest and most loyal representative of the more than 20 million Italian American citizens living in the United States, congratulates Dr. Jill Biden as she is set to become the first Italian American First Lady. “Dr. Biden’s strong connection to her Italian American heritage and dedication to education aligns with NIAF’s mission,” said NIAF Chairman The Honorable Patricia de Stacy Harrison. “Education is at the Foundation’s core as we provide scholarships and grants to empower high achieving students to further their education in all fields. We send our congratulations to the First Lady designate.”
  • Life & People
    Emily Hayes(October 16, 2018)
    For two days every year, the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel swells with Italian voices, music, and food for the National Italian American Foundation’s (NIAF) Anniversary Gala weekend. October 12 and 13 of this year were no different. Pugliese wine, olive oil, and sauce was enjoyed by eager Italian Americans looking for a taste of their culture at the Expo Italiana, and gala attendees gathered to honor Italian Americans who have contributed greatly to American business, science, government, and the arts.
  • Among many other figures, the Great Navigator has found himself caught in the mad rush to seek out detested statues dedicated to controversial individuals in American history. Columbus has more than 5 monuments in the city, one of which being the centerpiece of Columbus Circle that is currently the center of controversy. We went to the rally at City Hall organized by City Councilor Joseph Borelli.
  • Un momento della manifestazione sulla scalinata del Comune di New York
    Nella folle corsa alla caccia di statue detestate dedicate a personaggi controversi della storia americana, è incappato anche il Grande Navigatore che di monumenti a lui dedicati a New York ne conta 5, oltre a quello del centralissimo Columbus Circle, attualmente nell’occhio del ciclone. Siamo andati al rally oper lui a City Hall, organizzato dal consigliere comunale Joseph Borelli
  • An Italian-American intrigue, Piedmontese-style. Because L’amica americana is set in Turin, the language of the novel contains dialect and regional Italian specific to Piedmont as well as terms from other regions, including Lombardy, Veneto and Campania.