“Danke Very Much! Germany’s Defeat Takes Italy One Step Away from the Euro Cup”

Chiara Morucci (June 29, 2012)
The Italy versus Germany match had a very important impact in the history of Italian soccer, confirming the Azzurri’s primate over the transalpine neighbors, and it seems to finally have discouraged racist behaviors against Italian black player Mario Balotelli, now rechristened “SuperMario.”

Yesterday, the history of soccer repeated itself: once again, Italy won over Germany in a Semifinal. 

The Italian national team was considered disadvantaged over Germany by the international press, many news outlets were in fact envisioning a German presence in the Sunday Final of the European Cup.

 Thanks to the wise decisions of Coach Prandelli, Italy played a great game and won the semifinal dominating on the adversary for the entire time. The stunning performance of Mario Balotelli was just as important as the one of attack player Cassano, whose action was vital for Balotelli’s first score. 

The midfield was covered by De Rossi, Marchisio, Montolivo and Pirlo, the latter the undisputed hero of Euro 2012 thanks to his classy performances during all the games of the European qualifications and now in the European tournament.

The defense that was considered the Italian  Achilles' heel by Germany was actually key to the final outcome of the game, thanks to players such as Chiellini, a veteran in the team, and Balzaretti, Bonucci, Barzagli.

The goalkeeper Buffon confirmed his talent and great determination to win with unbelievable saves on the line and almost saving the penalty. The great chemistry of Prandelli’s team led to a perfect game won by Italy 2-1 and brought Italy to the Final of the European Cup 2012.

The Semifinal will be best remembered by Mario Balotelli, the black attack player of the Italian national team, that has been the victim of racist behaviors by other teams and even by fellow Italians. Thanks to his perfect performance Balotelli became the undisputed protagonist of the European Cup.

Right after the game the “Fenomeno Balotelli” (the Balotelli Sensation) has been spreading everywhere in social networks, where fans are now calling him “Super Mario,” and in numerous national and international newspapers that define him as an “Italian Hero.” From yesterday Mario Balotelli is fully recognized as a “real Italian” and as a national icon.

The racist chants addressed to him in the past in Italian stadiums, such as “Se saltelli muore Balotelli” (if you hop Balotelli dies) are now being substituted with “Se saltelli segna Balottelli” (if you hop Balotelli scores). 

The long awaited European Cup Final 2012 will take place next Sunday. Spain and Italy will do their best to win, and we are sure that the game will be a thrilling one thanks to the talented players on both sides.