October. A Very Special Month at Eataly

I. I. (October 01, 2014)
Two important events will celebrate Italian culture and food: “Identità Golose” and the opening of an exhibit dedicated to the Duomo of Milan in collaboration with Expo 2015. Finally, Eataly celebrates the release of two special books.

This October two important events will take place at Eataly. The first, ‘Identità Golose,’ is an annual event begun ten years ago in Milan that has since become the most important international gathering of chefs in the world.


“Self-Indulgent Identities” 
In 2010, Eataly organized a spin-off event in New York, inviting six Michelin star chefs from Italy to
Every day for four days the chefs will host two cooking lessons and two dinners. Each will prepare a dish, and the public will get the chance to taste food made by the best cooks in Italy.cook alongside six local chefs.

This year’s chefs include Massimo Bottura, Carlo Cracco and Davide Scabin. The latter is about to open a restaurant in New York. 

Presenting Milan’s symbol
At the same time, Eataly opens its exhibit on the Duomo of Milan, organized with the help of Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, a non-profit aimed at preserving the cathedral with private donations, thus involving Milanese residents in the protection of their city’s symbol.  What to expect? For the first time ever in New York, a nave of the cathedral will be recreated, with a reproduction of the famous “Madonnina” and other parts of the storied building. As Eataly’s top manager and Brand Ambassador Dino Borri told us: “We’re doing the exhibit because Oscar Farinetti (Eataly’s founder) and everyone who has worked with him strongly believe in the culture and in promoting our country. In New York people can get a glimpse of the Duomo and we’d love it if visitors would make small donations to the Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, a non-profit after all.” The event was also conceived of for the promotion of Milan’s Expo 2015… Eataly will be the only box office in New York authorized to sell tickets for the international expo.  
Two special books
Finally, there will be two book parties at Eataly. The first for Stories of Courage: 12 Encounters with Major Italian Winemakers, by Oscar Farinetti and Shigeru Hayashi, Eataly’s Japanese associate and world-class expert in enology and gastronomy. 
The second for How to Eataly, the first cookbook to come out of Eataly New York, edited by Dino Borri and published in collaboration with Rizzoli. This manual on how to become “Eatalians” offers recipes made with ingredients found in the store, so you can make the delectable dishes from Eataly at home.