Eataly: Give Me a Kiss, Today is My Second Birthday!

Natasha Lardera (August 31, 2012)
The mega Italian wonderland on Fifth Avenue celebrates its second successful year with lots of products on sale but also a special event: a dine-around in all its restaurants featuring food prepared by 1 chefs from 9 restaurants of the Batali-Bastianich group.

Eataly wearing a shirt featuring this slogan you most likely will get in trouble, so the best way to show your birthday love for the high-end food hall and Italian piazza on fifth avenue near Madison Square Park is by eating a tasty morsel of the four-tier chocolate cake that is offered to all customers (only on August 31st) and by buying a few of the over 42 handpicked products that are available at $1-$8 until September 9th!

“We picked one product for each category we carry,” Dino Borri of Eataly, “explains “instead of going down the traditional promotional route, by maybe offering two products for the cost of one, we decided to sell them at cost price. You can get refreshments, like Chinotto, or pasta, condiments or even housewares for a really affordable price, a price that makes shopping for great Italian products even more enticing.”

There are great deals for all tastes: who likes white chocolate Perugina kisses can get (max 3 per customer) a box for just a couple of bucks, while who is into Italian design can find an Alessi bowl that retails for $34 only for 6! The crowd in front of the sale displays is no different than the crowd in the rest of the store because, let's say it, every product at Eataly is a real find.

Celebrations started on August  31st, and hordes of aware and unaware foreign and American
tourists, neighborhood workers and loyal residents crammed together in culinary obsession got the chance to share in the celebrations... and Eataly has a lot to celebrate.

Many see it as a supermarket with restaurants, but Eataly is much more then that. It is a magic and  energetic meeting point (that comes third after the Empire State Building and the Met as a tourist attraction) where anybody has the opportunity to taste and take home the authentic creations of food artisans who bring to the public the highest quality products at a fair price.
Oscar Farinetti is the founder and creator of Eataly. In January 2007, he opened a 30,000 square‐foot store in Turin, the very first Eataly, where high‐quality Italian foods were easily available at fair prices.

His partners in New York are celebrity chefs Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich, as well as Batali's long-time partner, reality TV personality (and Lidia's son) Joe Bastianich.

Slow Food is a “consultant for Eataly, controlling and verifying that our producers do not compromise the quality of their products to satisfy a growing demand.”

The absolute best Italian producers from every region are assembled under one roof  yet not everything is imported as Eataly is a strong believer in using high-quality local products as well. “Our bread is made with New York flour, our gelato is whipped up with local dairy and our meat, produce and fish are almost always American. Grazie, America!” their manifesto says.

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