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    Jando Music - Via Veneto Jazz present Ameen Saleem "The Groove Lab"

    His debut album “The Groove Lab,” released in October 2015, was recorded in New York and produced by the Italian label Jando Music in collaboration with Via Veneto Jazz. The album’s title refers to the endless search for new sounds and rhythms, a search that cuts across genres and styles. 

    A real "groove lab" where Ameen has assembled a stellar cast of musicians to play his original compositions.

    The album has been conceived as a showcase of all Ameen’s musical influences, a kitchen where--with Ameen as Master Chef--one will find all the ingredients necessary to create a tasty and groovy NY meal melding jazz, soul and funky.

    Last Autumn "The Groove Lab" jumped to number 10 ranking of pre-sales on iTunes, and has been broadcast on many national radio shows in Italy and France. In November “The Groove Lab” toured in Italy, with performances at important venues such as Auditorium Parco della Musica of Rome  for Roma Jazz Festival, Teatro Verdi of Padova for Padova Jazz Festival, and Blue Note of Milan.

    On 14th of March it will be presented in New York with a double concert at Blue Note Jazz Club: one at 8 p.m.and the second at 10.30 p.m.

    Ameen’s career immediately highlights his great talent as virtuoso and composer. In “The Groove Lab,” he plays both double bass and electric bass, choosing to be flanked by colleagues with a musicality that accurately evokes his present ideas of music and groove.

    The "cast" includes two female voices with different temperaments, Ramona Dunlap and Mavis "Swan" Poole; Stacy Dillard on soprano and tenor sax; Cyrus Chestnut on piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes and organ; Craig Magnano on electric guitar; Jeremy Bean Clemons and Gregory Hutchinson on drums. For his compositions, Ameen also invited his friend and colleague Roy Hargrove, who plays both trumpet and flugelhorn.

    Last Autumn "The Groove Lab" is jumped at no.10 ranking of pre-sales on iTunes, and has been broadcasted on many national radio shows in Italy and France.