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  • Art & Culture
    N. C.(June 14, 2018)
    Fabrizio Bosso, the esteemed trumpet player, is coming to New York City’s Italian Cultural Institute to perform with his quartet on June 20.
  • Enrico Rava, Tomasz Stanko e Reuben Rogers
    Un tributo ad un pezzo di storia del jazz mondiale, ad un’altra icona sacra viene dedicata una serata in cui la protagonista assoluta è la tromba.“The Champ to Dizzy”, l’omaggio italiano, nell’occasione del centenario della sua nascita, a Dizzy Gillespie, il più grande trombettista dell’era del bepop.
  • Art & Culture
    Enzo Capua(February 26, 2016)
    Of all the instruments most commonly played in jazz, the oldest and noblest is without question the trumpet. Because it is a wind instrument, and therefore attached to the most direct form of communicating emotions (i.e., the voice), it often vies for the lead role with the saxophone.
  • If you think about it, in every group of friends there’s usually one who’s a little taciturn, even, occasionally, a little cranky, yet who has the most origi- nal ideas and undeniable personal magnetism. He’s the one running the show, often changing gears—sometimes to the surprise and chagrin of the others—who sees where the group is headed. He’s the one with charisma