Step Aside Homer! "The Authoress of the Odyssey” is a Sicilian Girl from Trapani

Tom Verso (April 30, 2013)
Amazing Sicily! ---- Samuel Butler's book “The Authoress of the Odyssey”, proving that locations depicted in the Odyssey were in fact descriptions of Trapani and other places in or around Sicily, is just another example of Sicily’s mystic. Adding to that, he goes on to argue that the author of the Odyssey was a Trapani girl, which in turn had a major influence on James Joyce’s immortal "Ulysses". Further, renowned Canterbury classical scholar L.G. Pocock concurs with and expands on Butler’s Sicilian origin of the Odyssey thesis. ---- Also, classical scholars A. J. Toynbee and Ettote Pais established beyond reasonable doubt that Elymian Sicilians from the Trapani region were the first colonist of the northern Italian La Spenzia area. Further, Toynbee, extrapolating a mountain of evidence, posits the Elymian Sicilians were likely the original founders of Rome ---- Also, all societies have crime but only the Sicilians have a Mafia; an international organization that baffled all forms of government and police organizations on two continents for 150 years, and has given rise to a virtual industry of scholarly, fictional and media publications and productions. ---- Also, Professor Joseph Privitera demonstrated that Sicilian is not an Italian dialect but the “first Romance language.” ---- By any humanities/social science category of study, the 3,000 year history and culture of Sicily is nothing less than profound. ---- And, yet, the Italian American literati, blinded by their Renaissance love and Little Italy nostalgia treat Sicily as quaint backwater of the 150 year old Piedmontese Italian State. ---- Go Figure!






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