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    Giulia Madron(October 03, 2013)
    So far 94 people are reported dead in today's tragic event off the shore of Lampedusa, among them 4 children and a pregnant woman. The political world reacts to another incident that could have been prevented...
  • “We are Responsible for the death of the ‘undocumented’” For his first trip outside of Rome, Pope Francis chose the Sicilian island, which symbolized last hope for many immigrants.
  • Facts & Stories
    Judith Harris(June 21, 2013)
    For the past two months of the new government Dr. Cécile Kyenge has held down one of the toughest jobs in Italy. As Minister for Integration she must deal with such contentious issues as citizenship for children born in Italy of immigrant parents. Born in Congo, she came to Italy 30 years ago to study opthamology before entering politics in North Italy. For her pains, she has received death threats and literally obscene invectives. But summer weather is bringing new hordes of clandestine immigrants to the southern isle of Lampedusa, and aggravating an already difficult situation.
  • On April 14, Nazir Rafiq Ahmad was returning home via the subway when, between Rome's Terminal Station and Piazza Cavour, he was assaulted by a young man screaming racist insults, the kindest of which was “Go home, foreigner.”
  • If Congress does not resolve the budgetary deadlock by midnight, Saturday, April 9, the government will shutdown until a compromise is reached. Generally, if the government shuts down for budgetary reasons, all but “essential” government personnel are furloughed and not allowed to work. So what does this mean for immigration agencies?
  • On Monday, January 31, at 8am, Italy launched Click Day, the digital presentation of immigrant employment according to the planned quotas. The first applications to reach the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be accepted