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  • On April 8th, the Westchester Italian Cultural Center will welcome Fred Gardaphe, Distinguished Professor of English and Italian American Studies John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, to participate in the panel In The Name of the Father and The Son: Italians Migrations in the art of Joseph and William Papaleo. Professor Gardaphe will analyze the relationship between Joseph and William Papaleo, father and son, respectively a writer and painter. Comparing two generations, which, through their own artistic perspective, have both touched upon the themes of emigration - immigration.
  • It was night in Rome’s down-market suburb of Infernetto, and to show that immigrants are unwelcome there, rightwingers fashioned gruesome mannequins clothed all in white, and hanged them from bridge rafters over a main road. This was a local protest, but the wave of anti-immigrant feeling shows signs of penetrating into the wider population, with fallout in this weekend’s regional vote in Emilia-Romagna and Calabria
  • After Italian sea rescues of almost 72,000 immigrants and its hosting of over 109,000 so far this year, at a cost of almost $12 million a month, the European Union is finally listening to Italy’s pleas for its humanitarian mission to be shared. An agreement, reached in Brussels this week between Interior Minister Angelino Alfano and EU Internal Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem, calls for Italy’s lone-wolf rescue operation to be replaced by a shared EU project to be called “Frontex Plus.” The proposal is a break-through, but not all will be smooth sailing.
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    At a time when Italy has transformed itself into a country of arrival, dealing with the issues of social misunderstanding and bigotry that accompany immigration, this anthology reminds Italians of their own citizens who left the country well over a century ago facing innumerable trials and tribulations in their new locales.