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Articles by: Maria rita Latto

  • Life & People
    Maria Rita Latto(August 06, 2008)
    Silvio Berlusconi and women are constantly under the microscope. This time, though, it is not a woman in person, even if rumors keep spreading as usual...
  • Il Decreto Maroni sull'immigrazione appena approvato dal governo italiano parla di "emergenza" clandestini. I continui sbarchi di disperati alla ricerca di un futuro migliore fanno riflettere e sorge spontanea una domanda: qual'è la vera "emergenza"?
  • Facts & Stories
    Maria Rita Latto(June 14, 2008)
    President Bush goes to Rome and contends with an angry populace. Beyond the protests already timed for his arrival, the President's security needs and emergency plans disrupt an entire city, and only add to the popular ire. His "Roman holiday" turns out to be anything but...
  • Turin's annual Book Fair, Italy's largest, became the subject of political debate for the first time in its history when it honored Israeli writers this year. Demonstrations associated with pro-Palestinian groups preceded and lasted well into the event. Intellectuals from all sides of the ideological divide weighed in, while Italy's president, Giorgio Napolitano, was called to oversee the fair
  • Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to the United Stated ended with a visit to Ground Zero. It was a highly intense moment that will remain in the memories of many New Yorkers while also impressing those following the live coverage all over the world.
  • Two years after the last elections were held, Italians are voting again for a new government. This time, thanks to the Tremaglia Law, Italians living abroad will also have the opportunity to vote. In Italy, opinions regarding the impact of this Law in the last round of voting are mostly negative.