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  • Emilia-Romagna, the Italian region that has some of the country's finest culture and produces what many consider Italy's best food has been struck by violent earthquakes that have claimed victims and are going to have negative economic consequences for years to come.
  • Italy's multi-brand booth at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair featured important players in the American market that offer high quality products realized thanks to thorough technical research that results in innovative and creative high quality products.
  • Created by Antonio Monda and Davide Azzolini, the itinerant literary and cultural festival takes place between New York and Capri and brings together international writers, journalists and intellectuals to discuss challenging topics and the art of writing.
  • It travels at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour between Milan, Rome and Naples. The new high-speed train is a welcomed novelty featuring innovative features, exclusive customer service and valuable traveling time. Most of all: it does not belong to the monopolistic, state-supported company 'Ferrovie dello Stato'. Is Italy finally going to open up to market competition in such a strategic sector as railway transportation?
  • The late singer's hometown is busy planning different ways to honor him. The latest proposition involves a life-like statue in the middle of the street where anybody can see him and shake his extended hand.
  • New York's Archbishop was one of 22 Catholic churchmen who became Cardinals in a ceremony held in Rome by Pope Benedict XVI. Traditionally Americans are ruled out as papal contenders, with the argument that the world doesn't need a superpower pope. There actually is another American as well, Cardinal Edwin O'Brien.
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    N. L.(February 13, 2012)
    The last 24 hours of preparations for Italy's most celebrated music festival are marked by constant rehearsals, curious rumors and last minute preparations. The 62nd edition promises to be rich of surprises, the biggest one of all the participation of icon Adriano Celentano, his music and his mysterious monologues.
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    N. L.(January 25, 2012)
    The famous social network added €15.3 billion to Europe's economy in 2011, chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said Tuesday, citing a study by Deloitte. It also supported more than 230,000 jobs in Europe, 33,800 of those just in Italy.
  • It all starts in an idyllic municipality in Piedmont, dominated by a castle surrounded by a medieval hamlet. Its most unique characteristic are the subterranean wine cellars. We are talking about an extended architectonic fortune of “Underground Cathedrals” that wiggle below the entire city for about 20 kilometers (12 miles), and disappear on different levels in the viscera of tufa hills (all the way to 32 meters/104 feet underground) thus creating really suggestive scenarios: real masterpieces of engineering and architecture.
  • His fame as a great narrator precedes him, and all the American presidents, from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama have visited Rome with him telling them its history.  Art historian, Professor Enrico Bruschini led the audience of the Italian Cultural Institute through the symbols, new discoveries and secret codes of Italian art history. Presented by ILICA, in collaboration with the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, the conference “The Cultural Contribution of Italy to Humanity,” celebrated the Unity of Italy through its art.