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Articles by: Tommaso Cartia

  • Nairobi City, Kenya
    The Italian Trade Agency in New York hosted the special investors network event “Italy, Kenya and East Africa: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects,” an important occasion to talk about the new possible investments in the Eastern African countries whose economies are rapidly developing and transforming. The meeting was organized by the A.I.I.K. (Italian Kenyan Industrial Association) and its North American representative Paolo Siniscalco, co-founder of the Italian accounting firm Siniscalco & Partners and Of Counsel with Grassi & Co for the Italian-American markets
  • The Italian delegation of the PTTB (The Babylonian Talmud Translation Project) stopped in New York to present their very first Italian translation of the Talmud, a sacred text of Judaism. Key individuals that night were Riccardo Di Segni, Rabbi and head of the Jewish community in Rome, and Clelia Piperno, director of the project and professor of constitutional law at the University of Teramo. An important opportunity to discuss culture and education, in light of what recently happened with Italian soccer fanatics, who have once again become the protagonists of a discriminatory act.
  • Domenico "Dom" DeMarco. Photo by ©Matthew Septimus
    The adventurous and romantic story of Domenico “Dom” DeMarco, who, in 1959 moved from Caiazzo (province of Caserta), to Brooklyn. The story of a simple man who made his historic Di Fara pizzeria into a legend.
  • Giorgia Caporuscio
    Dining in & out
    Tommaso Cartia(October 31, 2017)
    Master pizza maker Roberto Caporuscio shares the secrets of true Neapolitan pizza as the U.S. president of the Pizza Academy Foundation (PAF)–the Neapolitan pizza school headquartered in his Kesté Wall Street. But there is another secret in the family: Giorgia, his daughter and a talented pizzaiola, is also a fantastic teacher.
  • Elena Berriolo performing 'A Book as a Line on the River'. Photo by Sara Pettinella
    This September and October 2017 don't miss the chance to experience the several performances that Italian artist Elena Berriolo will present at the Children's Museum of the Arts in New York. This is a unique opportunity to witness this innovative performer who chose to investigate the world through a fascinating instrument: the sewing machine.
  • At the Consulate General of Italy, homage was paid to the fallen victims of the attacks on the Twin Towers. It was also an occasion to remember the Italians whose lives were lost during that tragic event. The Consulate hosted representatives from New York’s Italian community and an institutional delegation from the city of Brescia, who remembered the attack on Piazza della Loggia 43 years ago.
  • I fiori in omaggio alle vittime davanti al bassorilievo per la memoria dedicato all'11 settembre
    Presso il Consolato Generale d’Italia a New York si è reso omaggio alla memoria dei caduti dell'attentato alle Torri Gemelle. Un’occasione per non dimenticare anche i nostri italiani scomparsi durante il tragico evento. L'evento ha avuto come protagonisti rappresentanti della comunità italiana newyorchese ed una delegazione istituzionale della città di Brescia con il ricordo dell'attentato di Piazza della Loggia, 43 anni fa
  • The internationally acclaimed, award winning movie by Italian director Edoardo De Angelis is now ready to wow the US audience beginning on Friday September 15 at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema in New York and soon all over North America. i-Italy got the chance to sit down with De Angelis and interview him about the movie and what his expectations are from this upcoming American release.
  • Una storia avventurosa e romantica quella di Domenico De Marco detto “Dom”, che nel 1959 si trasferì da Caizzo, in provincia di Caserta, a Brooklyn nel periodo d’oro dell'emigrazione italiana dopo la seconda guerra mondiale. Un uomo semplice che è riuscito a fare della sua storica pizzeria “Di Fara”, una leggenda e la meta di artisti come Tony Bennett, Ed Sheeran e Leonardo di Caprio. E poi, news molto importante, è anche il vincitore di 50 Top Pizza a New York con il premio New York Style.
  • Based on the teaching his grandmother, Nonna Serafina, critically acclaimed Chef Maurizio Bruschi of Ideale Restaurant in San Francisco, offers an authentic taste of Roman cuisine and a refined selection of Italian wines that will put you in a dolce vita state of mind.