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  • If we were to ask someone who knew even just a little bit of jazz what instrument he most associated the genre with, which instrument made jazz stand out from other musical genres, he or she would almost inevitably say the saxophone or trumpet. Wind instruments. Extensions of the voice, practically, extensions of the most direct, human form of communication. Breath externalizes our soul, gives us our identity, sets us apart. It begs the question: why is jazz generally associated with the emission of air from our lungs?
  • Nel jazz la voce ha avuto un ruolo di primo piano a ondate storiche: negli anni ’20 e ’30, ad esempio, cioè in quel periodo che viene comunemente definito “The Jazz Age” dove la popolarità di questa musica ha raggiunto il suo primo apice e dove sono nate tante di quelle canzoni che chiamiamo standard, o se vogliamo evergreen. Cioè talmente belle che hanno una vita eterna. La voce come strumento di grande attrazione nel jazz ha avuto una sua rinascita anche in tempi recenti, diciamo dagli anni ’90 in poi. Tanto che oggi persino cantanti che col jazz non hanno mai avuto a che fare cercano di cimentarsi con quel repertorio, da Rod Stewart a Lady Gaga.
  • Apparently the first form of verbal communication between human beings closely approximated what we might define as a “song,” i.e., the verbal utterance of sounds bound together by a communicative, or emotional, structure. In short, our ancestors talked to one another by using sounds formed by a logic dictated by their feelings or needs at a given time. It’s no coincidence that our voice is known as the “first instrument,” the first means of emitting sounds that were elaborate and pleasing (or displeasing, depending on the case).
  • Art & Culture
    Enzo Capua(December 01, 2014)
    Let’s do an experiment. Those of you who don’t make a habit of singing—or are afraid to alarm the neighbors—try intoning a song that you know under the shower or in the tub—without the words.
  • Life & People
    Enzo Capua(September 18, 2014)
    Sonny Rollins. The American tenor saxophonist is widely recognized as one of the most important and influential jazz musicians and he loves Italy ...
  • Per tantissimi anni il grande affresco del jazz senbrava creato dai maschi. Non importava che le cantanti fossero anche delle grandi musiciste, come ad esempio Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday o Sarah Vaughan, e neppure che ci fossero delle straordinarie strumentiste e compositrici, come Mary Lou Williams o Carla Bley: no, il jazz era “affare di uomini”. Oggi per fortuna a York potete ascoltare un bel numero di intelligenti, creative, bravissime compositrici e interpreti. E sono italiane! Tra queste le pianiste Patrizia Scascitelli, Simona Premazzi e Daniela Schaechter (italianissima: siciliana); la sassofonista Ada Rovatti; la cantante Roberta Gambarini, che è sicuramente la nostra jazzista più riconosciuta al mondo, con una nomination ai Grammys
  • Jazz was considered macho music for far too long. People believed it could only be understood, appreciated and played by men. Of course there were female singers, but they were considered an ornament, an addition – even if in many cases an essential addition– to the great tapestry of jazz woven by men.
  • ♫ Louis Armstrong ♪ Mi Va Di Cantare (1968) ♫ Video & Audio Restored HD
    Art & Culture
    Enzo capua(April 22, 2014)
    Havoc at the idea of having Louis Armstrong at the Sanremo Italian Song Festival. On the one hand, a virtuoso who invented new ways of doing jazz, on the other, a cheerful, charming entertainer beloved by those who knew nothing about jazz through this doubleness has won him both adoration and scorn.
  • If you think about it, in every group of friends there’s usually one who’s a little taciturn, even, occasionally, a little cranky, yet who has the most origi- nal ideas and undeniable personal magnetism. He’s the one running the show, often changing gears—sometimes to the surprise and chagrin of the others—who sees where the group is headed. He’s the one with charisma