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Articles by: Letizia Airos

  • Facts & Stories
    Letizia Airos(November 11, 2008)
    The English translation of Italici is the fruit of a fortunate encounter between the Italian/American Digital Project and that side of Piero Bassetti’s multifaceted personality that led to the foundation of “Globus et Locus” 10 years ago...
  • A conversation with Anthony Julian Tamburri at the end of the conference on “Italians in the Americas”. The Dean makes a point on the degrees of perception and diffusion of Italian American culture both in the United States and in Italy. There is much to do and topics such as politics and psychology must be examined in depth and studied. Today the Calandra Institute, under the aegis of CUNY, has got what it takes to become an out-and-out Italian think-tank in America.
  • Immigrazione. La corrispondente da New York del Corriere della Sera commenta gli ultimi episodi di intolleranza etnica in Italia. “Ti dico che sono rattristata sia come giornalista che come persona. Sono rattristata, allarmata e preoccupata. Si tratta di episodi di razzismo bello e buono"